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Gallery of customer Bat-Jet bodies

Dave Wills Bandit

Rick Chiovaro's Bat-Jet Lancia Stratos

Dan Wirfel's Bat-Jet '64 Vette

Terry Abbott's IROC Isettas

Terry Abbott's IROC Isettas in action!

Jim Pande's Bat-Jet Collection

Jim Pande's Porsche Cayman

A real limited edition Bat-Jet!

Our old friend, Ed Pleadwell sent his very limited production, Pearl Lola GT, done to support the old Slot Car Center Bulletin Board, direct from Australia!

Maddman Indy

RichD Indy

Dave Parker Trucking
Dave Parker's Bat-Jet Hauler with RRR Cobra

Indy Roadster by Roger Corrie

Decals and Bat-Jet Indy body

John Adams with a Parker painted Z4

Doug Beck's Ford Falcon

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