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Gallery of customer Bat-Jet bodies

Roger Corrie's Green Speedway Tow Truck

Roger Corrie's Bat-Jet tow truck keeps the racing line clear on Green Run Speedway.

Dougie Brettschneider's Bat-Jet collection, back to the early days!

Jim Colligan's Bat-Jet Ford MkIV collection

Matt Patrick's 2010 Dodge

Gary Butner's '68 Mustang GT390

John Bamonte's Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa

Simon's Italian Job

Follow Simon's progress in creating the Italian Job HO layout

2011 Carrera Panamericana

Carrera tech pictures

Tim Keevin's Datsun 510

Bob Vargas' Mazda RX-3

C and R HO Racing decals

Roy Armstrong's Datsun 510 Bluebird

Al's Dale Earnhardt Tribute COT

Matt's Fusion COT

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