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Gallery of customer Bat-Jet bodies

Alan Van Doren's '67 Honda GP x 2

Bill Trotter's '67 Honda GP

Bill Trotter's NASCARZ Dodge & Lola GT

Robin Schroy's NASCARZ

Matt Patrick's Toyota COT

Bill Kurtz's Chevy COT

Rob Arnoff's Sano Fusion

Kevin Browning's Monsterous Fusion

Kevin Brownings's NASCARZ '07 Ford Fusion, advertising his Monsters of the South races

Dave Mueller's AE-86

Dave Mueller's Initial-D Toyota Tureno AE-86

Bill Kurtz Tribute to Dale

Bill's tribute to Dale

Bill Kurtz '07 Charger and '07 Fusion
Bill Kurtz brings a brace of black NASCARZ to the Southern Sportsman Series.
Check out Bill's website: Doyle Performance

Dave Parker's '77 Bathurst 1000km winning Ford Falcons
Youtube video of the real finish, check it out!

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