M.A.S.C.A.R. Races at Tom Bowman's Virginia Beach H.O. Raceway!

M.A.S.C.A.R. invites everyone to our HO slot car races, at Tom Bowman's raceway in Virginia Beach, VA.

4'x 8' Bianchi routed raised magnetic braid track, with Galinko power.

Classes BeachJet and MT/XT with any body. Track opens at 8 am on Saturday, with tech at 10:30 am.

Tom's Bianchi

Tom's House

Map to Tom's Raceway

Directions: Exit I64 (Indian River Road - East), note mileage at the top of the ramp. Stay on Indian River Road for exactly 4 miles, Left on Archdale Drive, Left on Inglewood Lane.

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