A race report by Tom Bowman

Go see the best racing movie since LeMans, RUSH!

Totally stoked on the new racing movie, Rush! So that was the theme today, at Ronnie Jamerson's Church Hill Raceway in Gloucester, VA. Big crowd showed up, with 21 there at the beginning but a couple had to leave early. We did have some visitors, including Craig Washington and Mike White from DC and the Capitol Racing League. Rick Powers from Charlestown, WV, caught a ride with Bob Langer, coming down from Manassas. Craig and Mike proved to be disrupters to the usual MASCAR magnet car A Main, having good runs in the round robin...but in the end gutter knowledge helped Steve Jones and James Kennedy to move up in the final standings. All that was for naught though, as our "Niki Lauda" came through from a heart attack earlier in the month to win again!

Bonded Magnet Super Stock Round Robin - 3 minutes

1Steve Jones195.28 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson188.20 laps
3James Kennedy185.15 laps
4Mark Smith183.46 laps
5Craig Washington182.00 laps
6Dennis Siebert178.15 laps
7Tom Bowman174.15 laps
8Shawn Molter170.17 laps
9Mike White164.26 laps
10Jeff Crabtree161.45 laps -counter issues
11Corey Edwards158.15 laps
12Mo Edwards158.12 laps
13Mike Ose151.13 laps
14Marshall Tucker144.26 laps
15Bob Langer123.32 laps
16Rick Powers83.20 laps -counter issues

Super Stock Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Jeff Crabtree156.05 laps
2Mike White154.32 laps
3Shawn Molter154.29 laps
4Craig Washington154.21 laps
5Mark Smith154.08 laps
6Ronnie Jamerson151.12 laps
7Steve Jones148.45 laps
8Corey Edwards147.32 laps
9James Kennedy147.03 laps
10Tom Bowman146.39 laps
11Marshall Tucker142.04 laps
12Bob Langer134.32 laps
13Ev Edwards133.00 laps
14Mo Edwards131.39 laps
15Robby Whiteed131.11 laps
16Dale White124.37 laps
17Dennis Siebert123.42 laps
18Mike Ose120.21 laps
19Rick Powers102.41 laps

Super Stock Mains - 5 minutes

1Jeff Crabtree327.20 laps
2Steve Jones323.05 laps
3James Kennedy312.48 laps
4Shawn Molter312.24 laps
5Mike White311.20 laps
6Craig Washington310.02 laps
7Mark Smith304.35 laps
8Ronnie Jamerson302.30 laps
9Tom Bowman294.19 laps
10Corey Edwards293.26 laps
11Dennis Siebert286.14 laps
12Ev Edwards280.07 laps
13Marshall Tucker269.10 laps
14Mo Edwards267.41 laps
15Bob Langer266.45 laps
16Dale White264.34 laps
17Rick Powers225.34 laps
18Mike Ose224.33 laps

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Many thanks to race hosts Ronnie and Angela Jamerson

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