September 23rd at Mark Smith's Raceway, Port Haywood, VA

Race report by Jeff Crabtree

First I would like to thank Mark and his wife Sandy on preparing his race facility at the last moment so that Mascar
can kick off the 2007-2008 season. Mark did a wonderful job on the t-jet track. Best condition I have ever seen it in.
15 racers were on hand for the first event. T-jet qualifiying

1- James K. 70.39
2- Lewis W. 69.14
3- Ray E. 69.6
4- R.C. L. 69.01

The racing was tight as well and King James emerged Victorious . It was a hard fought race. 
1- James 99.41
2- R.C. 98.49
3-Ray 97.22
4- Lewis 96.34

Pro-modified class on the 5'x16' Tomy road course ( aka The Turd) Will test any racer or car builder.
after the round-robin...

1-R.C. 85.07
2- James 83.46
3- Ronnie 81.48
4-Mark 81.27

Car fatigue as well as driver fatigue set in after the second heat....%-min heats on this layout
is a true test to your slotcar racing abilities . The first two heats were close, but is was all
down hill for after that and the strong survive.....

1-R.C. 295.26
2-Steve 290.71
3-Ray E. 286.04
4-James 283.73

Thanks again Mark for the awesome food and racing fun. Thanks to R.C. Lincoln and Brian for coming
down from Pa and Lewis and Joey coming up frrom Carolina. As always it was fun and we get to go racing again  

I will keep everybody informed on the next race as we will invade Suffolk for some door banging,
fender grinding action. And hopefully you guys will be chasing me for the win !!!! LOL

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