A race report by Tom Bowman

BeachJet Overall Results - 4 minute Mains

1- Tom Bowman 116.38

2- Ray Etheridge 109.35

3- William Milholen 106.17

4- Mark Smith 106.05

5- James Kennedy 104.63

6- Ronnie Jamerson 101.17

7- Ivan Etheridge 97.34

8- Dale White 83.17

9- Marshall Tucker DNS

Tom Bowman's Winning Bat-Jet Dino! Tom also used the brp front end set.

Tom ran Wizzard pickups!

Ray Etheridge's Greg's Garage Audi R8 in second!

Ray ran Wizzard ATF tires!

Second podium in a row for William "Bubba" Milholen's Mazda RX-8, Email Bubba to order a RX-8!

William used an RT 11 tooth pinion gear!

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