A race report by Tom Bowman

Hurricane Irene did a severe blow to Ronnie Jamerson's annual race for modifieds, known as the Jamerson Cup. After all the preparations were done, everything was put on hold for nearly a month... to hold the race as the first event in the MASCAR series for 2011-2012 season. The delay and the problem with a conflict with The Series race mean't travelling racers didn't come, but we did see Vernon Dew and Joey Cassiba, both from North Carolina. James Kennedy showed up surprisingly, his only club magnet event since last years Jamerson Cup. Mike Ose came back after a many year absence from the local racing scene...as did Josh Bowman, normally a hard working Mopar mechanic on most Saturdays. Veteran Slot Chaos racer, Dustin Rhodes, was in attendence and showing he could handle a fast car. The rest of the crowd was the MASCAR regulars, eager to earn points in the first race of the season...and maybe some cash as well! The round robin made clear that all of Ronnie's practice on his track, the lack of cast on his controller hand and a very fast Storm, he and club hot shoe, Steve Jones, would have to deal with a none to rusty, James Kennedy. James won the round robin by two laps over Ronnie and nine laps on Steve. Vernon had a ballistic G3, which might have contended, but for an unfortunate habit of exploding it's pickups and springs at virtually any opportunity. The first three mains really showed how will the competitiors were matched in their respective heats, with strong battles in each. Jeff Crabtree won the B Main with a 382 lap total, which did catch out Joey in the A Main for 4th place. The A Main though, really showed the intense competition as the 100 lap barrier was blown away by everyone but Joey. After three segments Steve had the lead with 308, but he was finishing on the Red gutter and his rivals, James and Ronnie, had the power lanes of Blue and White. When the dust did finally settle, it was James Kennedy winning the big bucks and the Jamerson Cup with a 418 total. Not quite at Pete Barclay's pace from last year, but a great total for a occasional racer. Ronnie was down 5 laps after 20 minutes of high speed action, and Steve suffering a further 2 laps back. Come and run with us next August! or September if the hurricanes prevail again! ...>TOM

Modified Qualifying - 30 seconds

1James Kennedy10.39 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson10.25+ laps
3Dan Mueller10.25 laps
4Mark Smith9.32 laps
5Tom Bowman9.15 laps
6Dustin Rhodes9.14 laps
7Dale White9.07 laps
8Vernon Dew9.06 laps
9Joey Cassiba9.05 laps
10Steve Jones8.46 laps
11Jerry Holley8.37 laps
12Jeff Crabtree8.26 laps
13Josh Bowman8.16 laps
14Tim Keevin8.16 laps
15Mike Ose8.08 laps

Modified Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1James Kennedy205.10 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson203.16 laps
3Steve Jones196.36 laps
4Joey Cassiba191.05 laps
5Vernon Dew189.21 laps
6Jeff Crabtree182.21 laps
7Dan Mueller177.05 laps
8Tim Keevin174.30 laps
9Dustin Rhodes172.32 laps
10Josh Bowman171.08 laps
11Mark Smith169.35 laps
12Tom Bowman158.32 laps
13Dale White155.41 laps
14Jerry Holley129.08 laps
15Mike Ose119.32 laps

Modified Mains - 5 minutes

1James Kennedy414.13 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson409.35 laps
3Steve Jones407.48 laps
4Jeff Crabtree382.01 laps
5Joey Cassiba380.20 laps
6Dan Mueller375.07 laps
7Vernon Dew373.10 laps
8Josh Bowman347.11 laps
9Mark Smith341.00 laps
10Dustin Rhodes340.03 laps
11Dale White333.38 laps
12Tom Bowman330.06 laps
13Jerry Holley291.08 laps
14Tim Keevin283.06 laps
15Mike Ose271.09 laps

Many thanks to race sponsor, Dennis "Pops" Jamerson, and race hosts Ronnie and Angela Jamerson

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