A race report by Tom Bowman

Super Stock Round Robin - 2.5 min

1Steve Jones168.02 laps
2Roger Porcelli164.23 laps
3James Kennedy163.51 laps
4Mark Smith159.39 laps
5Vern Dew159.21 laps
6Dennis Siebert157.47 laps
7Shawn Molter157.13 laps
8Ryno Edwards156.05 laps
9Sammy Heller154.33 laps
10Ronnie Jamerson152.23 laps
11Ev Edwards150.44 laps
12Dan Mueller150.24 laps
13Corey Edwards150.10 laps
14Brian "Moe" Moefield147.05 laps
15Cliff Henke142.48 laps
16Tom Bowman137.51 laps
17Wayne Hetler135.50 laps
18Michelle "Mo" Edwards135.15 laps
19Marshall Tucker128.45 laps
20Dale White127.05 laps
21Dustin Rhodes118.14 laps
22Harvey Goodwin115.44 laps
23Jerry Holley110.07 laps

Super Stock Last Chance Qualifier - 2.5 minutes

1Brian "Moe" Moefield155.05 laps
2Ryno Edwards154.21 laps
3Corey Edwards153.20 laps
4Tom Bowman152.50 laps
5Dan Mueller151.05 laps
6Sammy Heller150.42 laps
7Ev Edwards149.16 laps
8Cliff Henke141.11 laps
9Wayne Hetler137.08 laps
10Ronnie Jamerson136.39 laps
11Marshall Tucker135.33 laps
12Michelle "Mo" Edwards134.44 laps
13Harvey Goodwin133.21 laps
14Dale White132.48 laps
15Jerry Holley124.13 laps

Super Stock Semi A - 3.5 minutes

1Steve Jones238.36 laps
2James Kennedy231.44 laps
3Vern Dew228.32 laps
4Shawn Molter221.11 laps

Super Stock Semi B - 3.5 minutes

1Roger Porcelli229.36 laps
2Mark Smith222.38 laps
3Dennie Siebert218.40 laps
4Brian "Moe" Moefield213.02 laps

Super Stock MAIN - 5 minutes

1James Kennedy335.49 laps
2Steve Jones330.18 laps
3Roger Porcelli323.37 laps
4Vern Dew321.33 laps

Prizes donated by following great sponsors: Harden Creek Slotcars (Terry Flynn) , One Stop Slot Shop (Jerry Schmoyer), donated the trophies! Smith Hall Racing (Mark Smith) donated the participant plaques, MRT Products by Mark MacVittie, and Elite Slot Cars (Tracks) and Elite Slot Cars store which is all about providing a modern shopping experience for performance HO parts. Every item displays the inventory in real time and will not let people buy it if its not in stock. This prevents any surprises.

Modified Round Robin - 2.5 min

1Steve Jones206.39 laps
2Marshall Tucker192.06 laps
3Roger Porcelli191.37 laps
4Ronnie Jamerson189.35 laps
5Shawn Molter187.21 laps
6Brian "Moe" Moefield186.20 laps
7Dan Mueller184.37 laps
8Sammy Heller182.08 laps
9Dennie Siebert181.37 laps
10Vern Dew176.21 laps
11Tom Bowman174.11 laps
12Mark Smith174.03 laps
13Ev Edwards172.37 laps
14Wayne Hetler168.27 laps
15Harvey Goodwin164.33 laps
16Jerry Holley158.24 laps
17Danny Johnson155.01 laps
18Dustin Rhodes150.38 laps
19Corey Edwards149.38 laps
20Ryno Edwards141.07 laps
21James Kennedy128.25 laps DNF
22Michelle "Mo" Edwards122.09 laps

Modified Semi A - 3.5 minutes

1Steve Jones282.34 laps
2Roger Porcelli278.17 laps
3Shawn Molter269.17 laps
4Dan Mueller264.36 laps

Modified Semi B - 3.5 minutes

1Brian "Moe" Moefield278.00 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson275.00 laps
3Marshall Tucker270.00 laps
4Sammy Heller266.00 laps

Modified MAIN - 5 minutes

1Steve Jones418.32 laps
2Roger Porcelli412.05 laps
3Brian "Moe" Moefield408.21 laps
4Ronnie Jamerson393.42 laps

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