A race report by Tom Bowman

Jeff went into this race with a 2 point lead in the MASCAR T-Jet championship, Jeff gained a point by taking qualifying...Tom took 2 points back by winning the round robin. That led to a classic A Main battle...Mark Smith and Ronnie Jamerson decided they wanted to play too. At the half way point, Mark had a 1 lap lead on Ronnie, with Jeff another lap back and Tom had a horrible yellow gutter, which caused him to trail by a further 2 laps. The third segment saw Mark and Jeff tied at 77, a lap behind Ronnie and Tom 2 laps down. The final segment was a mad scramble, as over driving came to the fore...Ronnie ran a 27 to cement the win, Tom also got a 27 to get on the same lap as Mark, 18 sections down in third. Jeff finished on yellow with 25, dropping back 1 lap from Tom. Points wise, it was Jeff's poorest T-Jet result, which changed his drop points, so both Tom and Jeff ended with 297 points. Tom won the overall championship 561 points, Mark 549 points in second and Jeff 545 points in third.

BeachJet Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Jeff Crabtree4.5 laps
2Mark Smith4.2 laps
3Tom Bowman3.43 laps
4James Kennedy3.42+ laps
5Ronnie Jamerson3.42 laps
6Ray Etheridge3.28 laps
7Bob Langer3.24 laps
8Mike Ose3.16 laps
9Jerry Holley3.15 laps
10Corey Edwards3.10 laps
11Malcolm Tucker2.45 laps
12Messiah Tucker2.32 laps
13Marshall Tucker2.11 laps

BeachJet Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Tom Bowman75.35 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson74.46 laps
3Jeff Crabtree74.13 laps
4Mark Smith73.29 laps
5Ray Etheridge73.20 laps
6James Kennedy72.06 laps
7Mike Ose65.30 laps
8Jerry Holley63.21 laps
9Bob Langer63.07 laps
10Corey Edwards60.21 laps
11Marshall Tucker56.08 laps
12Malcolm Tucker54.11 laps
13Messiah Tucker45.27 laps

BeachJet Mains - 3.5 minutes

1Ronnie Jamerson105.26 laps
2Mark Smith103.33 laps
3Tom Bowman103.15 laps
4Jeff Crabtree102.28 laps
5Ray Etheridge102.06 laps
6James Kennedy98.37 laps
7Jerry Holley89.10 laps
8Mike Ose88.41 laps
9Bob Langer88.20 laps
10Corey Edwards87.06 laps
11Malcolm Tucker86.32 laps
12Marshall Tucker80.11 laps
13Messiah Tucker61.40 laps

Many thanks to race hosts Ronnie and Angela Jamerson

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