A race report by Tom Bowman

Super Stock Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Jeff Crabtree8.21+ laps
2Mark Smith8.21 laps
3James Kennedy8.04 laps
4Tom Bowman8.01 laps
5Shawn Molter8.00 laps
6Ronnie Jamerson7.37 laps
7Ev Edwards7.22 laps
8Marshall Tucker7.12 laps
9Bubba Milholen7.10+ laps
10Brandon Claar7.10 laps
11Dale White6.33 laps
12Dylan Molter6.19 laps
13Bob Langer5.37 laps
14Steve Jones5.10 laps
15Corey Edwards4.13 laps

Super Stock Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Jeff Crabtree160.09 laps
2Steve Jones159.33 laps
3Shawn Molter153.09 laps
4Mark Smith151.12 laps
5Marshall Tucker147.07 laps
6Ev Edwards140.22 laps
7Tom Bowman140.20 laps
8James Kennedy137.20+ laps
9Bubba Milholen137.20 laps
10Ronnie Jamerson136.30 laps
11Brandon Claar133.35 laps
12Bob Langer126.09 laps
13Dale White123.45 laps
14Corey Edwards121.25 laps
15Dylan Molter117.45 laps

Super Stock Mains - 5 minutes

1Jeff Crabtree327.14 laps
2Shawn Molter306.19 laps
3Mark Smith302.10 laps
4Ronnie Jamerson300.26 laps
5Tom Bowman300.10 laps
6Marshall Tucker293.20 laps
7Ev Edwards288.06 laps
8Corey Edwards279.21 laps
9Bubba Milholen273.32 laps
10Bob Langer244.15 laps
11Dylan Molter243.22 laps
12Dale White238.41 laps
13Steve Jones218 laps DNF
14James Kennedy202 laps DNF
15Brandon Claar185.24 laps

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Many thanks to race hosts Ronnie and Angela Jamerson

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