A race report by Tom Bowman

MASCAR President Mark Smith giving our $120 contribution to Kristi's husband, Shawn, for American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. You too can support this wonderful cause, click to below link to contribute.

Relay for Life personal site for Kristi Molter

Kristi's thankyou card to the racers.

Race Host, Ronnie Jamerson, modelling the NEW 2012 UFHORA Nats shirt...price is $15 get it at the Nats:
June 14-17th, Moose Lodge, Gloucester, Virginia

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Qualifying video by Brian Edwards

Mains video by Brian Edwards

Modified Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Ronnie Jamerson11.18 laps
2Steve Jones11.12 laps
3Shawn Molter10.20 laps
4James Kennedy10.18 laps
5Joey Cassiba10.11 laps
6Robby Whiteed10.09 laps
7Tom Bowman10.08 laps
8Jeff Crabtree10.03 laps
9Mark Smith9.28 laps
10Marshall Tucker8.14 laps
11Dale White7.32 laps
12Mike Boisson6.05 laps

Modified Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1James Kennedy208.40 laps
2Jeff Crabtree203.17 laps
3Mark Smith195.32 laps
4Shawn Molter194.32 laps
5Ronnie Jamerson192.02 laps
6Tom Bowman188.46 laps
7Robby Whiteed174.06 laps
8Joey Cassiba173.37 laps
9Steve Jones165.04 laps
10Marshall Tucker155.03 laps
11Dale White143.30 laps
12Mike Boisson100.41 laps

Modified Mains - 5 minutes

1James Kennedy424.19 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson418.41 laps
3Jeff Crabtree418.10 laps
4Mark Smith395.10 laps
5Shawn Molter395.09 laps
6Tom Bowman384.23 laps
7Robby Whiteed341.38 laps
8Marshall Tucker319.07 laps
9Dale White313.17 laps
10Mike Boisson260.33 laps
11Joey Cassiba171.00 laps DNF
12Steve JonesDNS

Soul Machine's next stop ...THE NATS!

Modified race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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