A race report by Tom Bowman

First round to determine order in the Round Robin

Qualifying - 30 sec run

1- Tom Bowman 3.35 laps

2- Bill Kurtz 3.32

3- Lewis Wuori 3.31

4- Donny Pope 3.30

5- Chris Mueller 3.25+

6- Bubba Milholen 3.25

7- Ron Brna 3.23

8- Ronnie Jamerson 3.20

9- Dan Mueller 3.17+

10- Don Berbel 3.17

11- Mark Smith 3.14+

12- Tim Keevin 3.14

13- Vern Dew 3.02

14- Tim Lane 2.50

Next race determines the mains placement.

Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1- Lewis Wuori 70.16 laps

2- Tom Bowman 67.15

3- Ronnie Jamerson 67.08

4- Bill Kurtz 66.24

5- Mark Smith 65.10

6- Tim Keevin 64.53

7- Dan Mueller 64.49

8- Vern Dew 64.38

9- Donny Pope 64.08

10- Bubba Milholen 63.12

11- Don Berbel 62.11

12- Ron Brna 59.56

13- Chris Mueller 59.35

14- Tim Lane 54.44

BeachJet Overall Results - 3.5 minute Mains

1- Lewis Wuori 98.42

2- Tim Keevin 94.28

3- Bill Kurtz 94.04

4- Tom Bowman 93.29

5- Ronnie Jamerson 93.26

6- Bubba Milholen 92.25

7- Vern Dew 92.08

8- Mark Smith 91.40

9- Donny Pope 90.19

10- Dan Mueller 89.42

11- Ron Brna 88.24

12- Chris Mueller 86.29

13- Don Berbel 85.04

14- Tim Lane 79.10

The Lunacy brought a very competitive bunch of lunatics together for MASCAR's last BeachJet race of the year. Lewis was on form and set a torrid pace during the round robin, but after him things were tight...positions two to ten were separated by only four laps after ten minutes of racing. The Mains were predictably frenetic. With MASCAR's format, the winner can come from anywhere. Bubba, switched his off-road style pickup springs to standard Dr. Oogan's, on a recommendation by Lewis...this made his car more driveable, so he was the pacesetter in the C Main. Chasing him were Ron Brna, coming back after a long lay off, and Chris Mueller, just back from a Baghdad Max Security prison...plus Don Berbel (PA transplant to NC) and new racer, Tim Lane, doing very well in only his second race. Bubba did well enough to finish 6th overall. The B Main was really hard fought, Tim Keevin laid down a 25 on his second segment in White, to pull ahead of Vern "I can't race t-jets, they're too slow!" Dew, Mark Smith, Donny Pope, and Dan Mueller. Tim Keevin, made good use of all the laps he turned in testing, to end up 2nd overall! The A Main, started close with everyone pulling a 24 in the first segment, but Tom trailling on the yellow gutter, back a lap. Lewis ran a 25 on his favorite lane, yellow, to pull ahead. Tom, Ronnie and Bill all were back 3 laps at 46. The third segment, saw Lewis lose a lap back to the field on the Red gutter, and the other three were at 70. If we had looked at the B Main results at the time, we would have seen Tim with 71 laps at this point, and be concerned! The last segment saw Lewis seal the deal, with a 26 lap run on white, Bill picking up a lap on Red over Tom and Ronnie. So in the end Lewis won, Tim got second from the B Main, by 24 sections over Bill. Tom pipped Ronnie for fourth by 3 sections...and Bubba grabbed 6th, down another lap. Very close and intense racing, with some very quick cars on the hardest track in the series, Lunacy!

Winning car spec sheet, requires Adobe Acrobat!

Lewis Wuori's 1st place Zoomin BMW 650i
rolling on RT fronts, andShepard rear tires, and AML shoes.

Tim Keevin's 2nd place Dunlap Bombshell Buick Lacrosse
rolling on Wizzard FR-54A fronts, andWizzard rear tires, and BSRT 504 shoes.

Bill Kurtz's 3rd place Greg's Garage Cadillac CTS
rolling on Wizzard FR-54A fronts, andWizzard rear tires, and Wizzard E82 shoes.

Tom Bowman's 4th place Bat-Jet Nissan 300ZX with brp front weights on RT-240D fronts ,
Wizzard rear tires, and Wizzard E82 shoes.

BeachJet Race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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