A race report by Tom Bowman

Super Stock Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1James Kennedy168.14 laps
2Steve Jones161.58 laps
3Vern Dew151.33 laps
4Shawn Molter150.48 laps
5Jeff Crabtree147.48 laps
6Bubba Milholen142.50 laps
7Tom Bowman139.32 laps
8Marshall Tucker138.50 laps
9Corey Edwards137.05 laps
10Dylan Molter131.37 laps
11Bob Langer122.21 laps
12Joey Cassiba117.08 laps

The One Stop Slot Shop Podium

Super Stock Mains - 5 minutes

1Steve Jones321.48 laps
2Vern Dew315.29 laps
3James Kennedy312.23 laps
4Shawn Molter309.23 laps
5Tom Bowman278.52 laps
6Corey Edwards268.11 laps
7Bubba Milholen266.34 laps
8Joey Cassiba265.11 laps
9Marshall Tucker248.15 laps
10Dyland Molter243.07 laps
11Bob Langer242.11 laps
12Jeff Crabtree205.00 laps DNF

HC Slots - Home of the Viper

brp Bonz

Next race T-Jets at kitty littered Bubba's on March 28th

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