A race report by Tom Bowman

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Great video of our racing today, check it out and thanks Brian!

Brian's second video showing more great Mod racing!

Modified Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Jeff Crabtree11.20 laps
2Ronnie Jamerson11.09 laps
3Steve Jones10.24 laps
4James Kennedy10.20 laps
5Ray Etheridge10.11 laps
6Joey Cassiba9.39 laps
7Mark Smith9.37 laps
8Tom Bowman9.27 laps
9Carl Sciscio9.26 laps
10Zack Cassiba9.11 laps
11Dustin Rhodes9.10 laps
12Mike Ose8.26 laps
13Bubba Milholen8.23 laps
14Marshall Tucker8.03 laps
15Dale White6.17 laps

Modified Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Steve Jones206.08 laps
2Jeff Crabtree205.11 laps
3James Kennedy201.37 laps
4Ray Etheridge201.32 laps
5Joey Cassiba196.07 laps
6Ronnie Jamerson193.15 laps
7Mark Smith179.32 laps
8Zack Cassiba171.48 laps
9Tom Bowman170.32 laps
10Dustin Rhodes168.31 laps
11Bubba Milholen167.42 laps
12Marshall Tucker155.32 laps
13Carl Sciscio149.12 laps
14Dale White139.11 laps
15Mike Ose127.26 laps

Modified Mains - 5 minutes

1Steve Jones427.15 laps
2James Kennedy417.36 laps
3Jeff Crabtree409.17 laps
4Joey Cassiba401.30 laps
5Ronnie Jamerson398.28 laps
6Ray Etheridge355.45 laps
7Tom Bowman350.25 laps
8Mark Smith347.37 laps
9Dustin Rhodes339.23 laps
10Zack Cassiba338.20 laps
11Marshall Tucker309.10 laps
12Dale White307.22 laps
13Carl Sciscio298.04 laps
14Mike Ose286.32 laps
15Bubba Milholen176.22N laps

Modified race winner specs, requires Adobe Acrobat!

Modified race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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