A race report by Tom Bowman

Ivan wins the Shamrock edition of the Mako Shark FS, presented by Tom "Bat-Jet" Bowman and Robby wins a body courtesy of Greg's Garage in the Cat Fur drawings.

Brass Car - 2.5 minutes

1James Kennedy184.49 laps
2Shawn Molter170.43 laps
3Tom Bowman159.05 laps
4Jeff Crabtree148.14 laps
5Robbie Whiteed144.22 laps
6Rick Chiovaro136.14 laps
7Bubba Milholen134.16 laps
8Cliff Henke129.00 laps
9Ray Etheridge128.19 laps
10Mike Ose125.31 laps
11Ivan Etheridge114.02 laps
12Cory Damon98.42 laps

BeachJet Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Ray Etheridge122.05 laps
2Tom Bowman121.43 laps
3Bubba Milholen121.04 laps
4Robbie Whiteed118.49 laps
5James Kennedy118.20 laps
6Jeff Crabtree117.00 laps
7Shawn Molter112.09 laps
8Mike Ose105.19 laps
9Rick Chiovaro104.49 laps
10Ivan Etheridge104.10 laps
11Cliff Henke98.07 laps
12Cory Damon89.23 laps

1 Stop Slot Shop Podium

BeachJet Mains - 3.5 minutes

1Ray Etheridge175.40 laps
2Robbie Whiteed164.51 laps
3James Kennedy164.34 laps
4Bubba Milholen163.18 laps
5Jeff Crabtree163.10 laps
6Shawn Molter160.37 laps
7Rick Chiovaro159.13 laps
8Tom Bowman156.41 laps
9Mike Ose148.13 laps
10Ivan Etheridge145.43 laps
11Cliff Henke143.21 laps
12Cory Damon138.00 laps


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