A race report by Mark Smith, pictures by Angela & Ronnie Jamerson

First round to determine order in the Round Robin

Qualifying - 30 sec run

1- Ronnie Jamerson 8.22 laps

2- Steve Jones 8.11

3- Mark Smith 7.45

4- Ray Etheridge 7.20

5- Sade Jones 7.11

6- Jerry Holley 6.35

7- Marshall Tucker 6.31

8- Dan Mueller 6.26

9- Brandon Cherry 5.07

Next race determines the mains placement.

Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1- Steve Jones 162.11

2- Ronnie Jamerson 160.10

3- Mark Smith 157.14

4- Ray Etheridge 149.42

5- Sade Jones 136.24

6- Marshall Tucker 127.12

7- Dan Mueller 122.31

8- Jerry Holley 107.25

9- Brandon Cherry 101.23

I'm glad to report we had 9 racers show up for the super stock race at Ronnies. Angela did another great hosting job with a fantastic lunch to get us all started. Marshall continued his quest for getting new racers involved with the group by introducing Brandon to the racing program. I must say Brandon is a quick learner, as a driver and track marshall. After a brief talk about the parts use rules, we got underway with the 30 sec. qualifying run. As seems to be the trend the track owner Ronnie took the top spot in the run, with Steve a close second. Not sure but some said there was some sand bagging going on, can't prove it by me.
The 2:30 round robin got off to a rough start as the racers and track marshalls had to get synchronized with how the program works. By the second run all was going smooth. Steve took the top qualifying spot by a 2 lap margin, Ronnie was now determined to put a beating on the group.
We took about an hour break so the group could work on all the cars, it was good to see the help given out by Steve, Ronnie, Ray and myself to get all the cars set up better, to make the mains as close as possible and competitive for all, which I will say the b main racing was much cleaner and the group had a good time.
The A main got off to a good close start with Steve taking a very small lead from the tricky to drive blue lane. The second run with Ronnie in white and and his G-plus hooked up andflying things got ugly fast, with an off the track crash for Steve near the end of the run his car developed a problem. The third run ended in disaster for Steve as he could not fix the car but started the run in red, after a few laps he pulled his car to see if it could be saved,it was terminal. Now Ronnie was running for the track record as Mark and Ray were running for 2nd and 3rd. Ronnies blue lane run proved to be his best and yellow didn't slow him down much either. His 334.11 lap run was good for a new track record beating the old one by 7 laps. Nice job Ronnie, next year we may only run t-jets at your track, HA HA.
All in all it was another great day of racing, it was good to see Sade back after a short layoff from racing. Ray seemed pre-occupied with his t-jet race trip next week to the Wizzard race and just couldn't get his super fast super stock hooked up, but still a nice 3rd place finish. The close points race between Ronnie and Mark continues as the 1, 2 finish keeps them tied in the overall points after 10 races. Hope to see you all at Tom's April 11th for some great t-jet racing.

MASCAR format means everyone gets the same amount of race time, and overall race results are irrespective of the main.

Super Stock Overall Results - 5 minute Mains

1- Ronnie Jamerson 334.11

2- Mark Smith 299.37

3- Ray Etheridge 275.35

4- Marshall Tucker 274.11

5- Sade Jones 264.39

6- Dan Mueller 264.20

7- Jerry Holley 246.37

8- Brandon Cherry 223.07

9- Steve Jones DNF

Apologies for the out-of-focus closeups!

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