A race report by Tom Bowman

Brian's video of qualifying

Brian's follow up video showing the MAINS

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BeachJet Qualifying - 30 seconds

1James Kennedy3.25 laps
2Tom Bowman3.22+ laps
3Dan Mueller3.22 laps
4Mark Smith3.19 laps
5Don Berbel3.15 laps
6Lewis Wouri3.11 laps
7Robby Whiteed3.09 laps
8Marshall Tucker3.04 laps
9Ronnie Jamerson3.02 laps
10Bubba Milholen3.01 laps
11Carl Sciscio2.43 laps
12Dale White2.41+ laps
13Jeff Crabtree2.41 laps

BeachJet Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Dan Mueller102.37 laps
2Bubba Milholen101.20 laps
3Jeff Crabtree101.19 laps
4Ronnie Jamerson101.11 laps
5Robby Whiteed100.21 laps
6James Kennedy98.10 laps
7Lewis Wouri97.30 laps
8Mark Smith96.38 laps
9Tom Bowman95.40 laps
10Marshall Tucker91.21 laps
11Don Berbel88.46 laps
12Carl Sciscio78.03 laps
13Dale White77.45 laps

The 10th round of the MASCAR Championship, visited Robby Whiteed's Palace of Speed in Lightfoot Virginia today. We all knew despite the size of the 6'x20' six lane TKO track, the racing was going to be very close, and mistakes were going to be costly. The Round Robin saw Dan Mueller prevail by a lap over Bubba Milholen, Jeff Crabtree and Ronnie Jamerson. Track owner, Robby was back another lap and then the rest of the field. The B Main had several groups battling, with Mark Smith, Tom Bowman and Lewis Wuori (fresh from the fray) battling the whole way, with Mark getting Tom by 19 sections in 21 minutes of racing and Lewis back a lap. Pa-NC visiting driver, Don Berbel (who donated champagne to the winner!) battled with Hampton's Marshall Tucker, and got him by 2 laps at the end. First time T-Jet racer, Carl Sciscio, who is more used to wargames with his shop "Miniatures of Chesapeake", battled with veteran racer, Dale White and ended up 5 laps back, not a bad result for a first timer! Then the A Main, took to the track, and proceeded to give the B Main drivers a clinic on what they should be doing. Bubba started in the power lanes and jumped out to lap lead over Jeff after two segments, then the third segment tightened up with Bubba, Jeff and Robby at 73, with the rest back a few. Jeff got to the middle and put the hurting on the field, gaining a three lap lead on Bubba, Ronnie and Robby, with Dan back 2 and James suffering the red gutter another lap back. Robby was found to have been running a different car than he had teched in, having too many fast cars with similar bodies. Segment 5, saw Jeff maintain his 3 lap advantage, with Bubba on the same lap as Ronnie, who was driving Bubba's 9 tooth, while Bubba ran the BIG 12 tooth. Dan had clawed back to just a lap back, James back 1 and Robby back another 1. The last segment saw everyone run 24's except Ronnie down a lap...which preserved the victory for Jeff Crabtree, Bubba was second back 3 laps, Dan and Ronnie separated by sections for third and fourth, James was back another lap in 5th. Robby finished another lap back but was DQ'd because of the unintentional car switch. Cars and bodies are marked at tech, and you can't switch.

BeachJet Mains - 3.5 minutes

1Jeff Crabtree146.37 laps
2Bubba Milholen143.05 laps
3Dan Mueller142.23 laps
4Ronnie Jamerson142.03 laps
5James Kennedy141.00 laps
6Mark Smith139.39 laps
7Tom Bowman139.20 laps
8Lewis Wuori138.03 laps
9Don Berbel130.46 laps
10Marshall Tucker128.36 laps
11Dale White120.38 laps
12Carl Sciscio115.03 laps
13Robby WhiteedDQ (changed cars)

BeachJet race winner specs, requires Adobe Acrobat!

BeachJet race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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