A race report by Tom Bowman

Thunder Storm

Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Tom Bowman166.27 laps
2RC Lincoln164.25 laps
3Jerry Schmoyer162.26 laps
4Mark Smith151.24 laps
5Tim Keevin151.11 laps
6Jeff Crabtree150.21 laps
7Dan Mueller143.17 laps
8Lewis Wuori143.11 laps
9Ronnie Jamerson166.27 laps
10Bubba Milholen139.23 laps
11Jerry Holley136.22 laps
12Dale White116.18 laps

Thunder Storm Mains - 5 minutes

1RC Lincoln340.28 laps
2Tom Bowman337.11 laps
3Jerry Schmoyer326.10 laps
4Mark Smith306.26 laps
5Tim Keevin305.25 laps
6Bubba Milholen304.15 laps
7Lewis Wuori303.27 laps
8Ronnie Jamerson301.09 laps
9Dan Mueller297.12 laps
10Jerry Holley287.27 laps
11Jeff Crabtree277.25 laps
12Dale White228.01 laps

T-Jet Round Robin - 2.5 minute

1RC Lincoln125.02 laps
2Tom Bowman122.17 laps
3Jeff Crabtree119.18 laps
4Bubba Milholen117.11 laps
5Tim Keevin116.14 laps
6Lewis Wuori114.29 laps
7Ronnie Jamerson113.01 laps
8Dan Mueller112.20 laps
9Mark Smith109.10 laps
10Vince Battisto100.10 laps
11Marshall Tucker97.11 laps
12Dale White97.07 laps
13Malcolm Tucker93.12 laps

T-Jet Mains - 3.5 minutes

1RC Lincoln174.22 laps
2Tom Bowman167.22 laps
3Bubba Milholen165.17 laps
4Jeff Crabtree164.26 laps
5Tim Keevin164.20 laps
6Mark Smith164.02 laps
7Lewis Wuori163.15 laps
8Ronnie Jamerson161.15 laps
9Dan Mueller159.02 laps
10Vince Battisto144.13 laps
11Marshall Tucker137.22 laps
12Malcolm Tucker134.13 laps
13Dale White133.12 laps

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