A race report by Tom Bowman

First round to determine order in the Round Robin

Qualifying - 30 sec run

1- Tom Bowman 7.07 laps

2- Jeff Crabtree 6.53

3- Ronnie Jamerson 6.49

4- Dan Mueller 6.34

5- Dave Mueller 6.03

6- Mark Smith 6.02

7- Bubba Milholen 5.30

8- Tim Keevin 5.02

9- Jerry Holley 4.54

Next race determines the mains placement.

Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1- Tom Bowman 132.51 laps

2- Jeff Crabtree 129.42

3- Ronnie Jamerson 125.40

4- Mark Smith 123.11

5- Tim Keevin 115.41

6- Bubba Milholen 109.64

7- Dave Mueller 108.65

8- Jerry Holley 94.47

9- Dan Mueller 46.75

The biggest snow storm of the year hit the entire Mid-Atlantic region today, but that didn't stop Mark Smith from hosting the MASCAR race. This morning started out with rain, but just as the qualifier got going, the snow started coming down. Modifieds are the fastest class that we run, and the Terd is our fastest track, with a banked turn that in effect doubles the 15 foot straights. New racer Robby Whiteed was in attendance, but his Storm RTR hasn't shown up yet and he had to leave early for a family function. Bubba Milholen was making his Mod debut, with my back up ThunderCat. Dan Mueller had some trouble in the qualifier as his newly built car went up in smoke. Fortunately, Mark has the parts available to get him back running...and his car got faster and faster as the mains went on. Jeff Crabtree, Ronnie Jamerson and Marks Smith tried to keep Tom Bowman in sight, but Tom carried the day, with a superbly handling Wizzard Storm, which was fast qualifer, round robin winner and A Main winner.

Modified Overall Results - 5 minute Mains

1- Tom Bowman 263.10

2- Jeff Crabtree 257.37

3- Mark Smith 253.10

4- Dan Mueller 247.50

5- Ronnie Jamerson 242.03

6- Tim Keevin 236.38

7- Dave Mueller 228.11

8- Bubba Milholen 227.38

9- Jerry Holley 222.40

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