A race report by Wendell Jones, with Tom Bowman

And the adventure begins..again...
By Wendell “Yobear42” Jones

It's a chilly afternoon here in DC and I'm double checking everything as I prepare to close up my home and travel to Newport News to meet up with Tom “Big Red” Bowman.  Then we will head up to Williamsburg VA to the MASCAR event whereas we will be running Super Stocks and C4 Group 6 cars. 
I'm getting back into action after a layoff to deal with family issues, so my finger is a tad rusty so to speak.. This should be a great gathering especially with my team mate Xfactor Jones coming down to join in the fun. I'm starting this article while en route to Newport News via Amtrak. 

After pulling into the station I was met by Tom. After  a min of checking out how well we've both aged, we proceeded to have dinner then head up to Ronnie's in Williamsburg. Tom took me to this Greek restaurant that served the best 12oz Prime Rim steak I've ever had, and it cost just $13.99 and that included a very nice salad and fries. That steak covered the WHOLE plate and was at least on inch thick.

Afterward we were on our way up the road. About a hour later we pulled into the driveway of this beautiful home deep in the woods. Upon entering the hollowed hall of Whiteed Estates my eyes laid eyes on one of the most beautiful TKO tracks I've ever seen.
I spent the next 4 hours testing and tuning and then taking a nap to prepare for the excitement that was only a few hours away. The alarm goes off at 6:30 am and Tom Bowman and I rise up, shake the sleep off and head to I-HOP for breakfast. When we get back the place was packed and jumping.

11:00 am, track goes off and the call for Tech has been made. The Super Stock and Group 6 C4's are checked and the SS chassis are impounded. The Group 6 (C4) race is about to begin. Just to bring you up to speed on what the Group 6 Class consists of:

Chassis must use Bonded Ceramic traction and motor magnets, stock of hot stock armatures, independent  front ends, double flange rear rims with slip on silicone rear tires and any gearing, basically a ceramic bonded magnet super stock with a Lexan body

We use this same set up with hard body's. 

It's time to groove, all racers to the track!

I thought that being away from the action would make me a little rusty, but it only took me a moment and it felt like I had not missed anything, but the emotional and atmospheric energies really feel good , man I've missed this sensation.

For the Group 6 Series, we are just running a basic round robin. You talk about cars flying, they were like a blur going around the track. This class is fantastic, and the use of slipon's keep the cars competitive and cost effective. This is definitely a great class to run for the future. The racing was off da hook!! Those cars were flying around the track, and just think, we have another class to run after this!

Just when you though you could take a breath, it was time for the Super Stocks...

We jump from the fire to the frying pan, and Shaun was the oil because he was running the rails like straight butter...that man was as greasy as greasy could be and nobody was gonna catch him. But don't think for a min., that he had a cake walk, cause James Kennedy and Vernon “V-Max” Dew was pulling out all the stops and throwing everything in their arsenal at him, from elbows to insults, but nothing would stick. Those guy had to keep one eye on Tom Bowman and Mark who were making moves in wings.

In the B-Main, Marshall Tucker was sticking his thumb in Yobear's eye as those two took turns jabbing each other. Even little Dillon was making sure that nobody forgot he was on the track also.

I had a blast racing and seeing old and new friends. Thank you Brian for handling my HD Cam while was on the track, great shooting Bro, looking forward to your video. We got to do this again...did someone mention Modifies???

Super Stock Bonded Round Robin - 2 minutes

1Steve Jones183.19 laps
2Vern Dew178.13 laps
3Tom Bowman171.07 laps
4Yobear169.01 laps
5Mark Smith165.24 laps
6Bob Langer155.18 laps
7Shawn Molter154.20 laps
8Mike Ose152.01 laps
9Ronnie Jamerson151.24 laps
10Marshall Tucker149.12 laps
11Rick Chiovaro135.00 laps
12Dylan Molter122.23 laps
13James Kennedy85.27 laps DNF
14Robby Whiteed71.00 laps DNF
15Corey Edwards19.00 laps DNF

Super Stock Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Shawn Molter227.21 laps
2James Kennedy218.16 laps
3Vern Dew214.42 laps
4Mark Smith213.06 laps
5Tom Bowman212.06 laps
6Ronnie Jamerson208.28 laps
7Yobear198.19 laps
8Marshall Tucker197.40 laps
9Robby Whiteed197.16 laps
10Corey Edwards195.20 laps
11Bob Langer191.20 laps
12Mike Ose186.00 laps
13Steve Jones174.00 laps DNF
14Rick Chiovaro165.40 laps
15Dylan Molter161.42 laps

Super Stock Mains - 5 minutes

1Shawn Molter454.45 laps
2James Kennedy442.34 laps
3Vern Dew430.04 laps
4Mark Smith427.22 laps
5Yobear417.32 laps
6Tom Bowman414.23 laps
7Corey Edwards413.25 laps
8Marshall Tucker407.35 laps
9Robby Whiteed406.19 laps
10Bob Langer398.16 laps
11Mike Ose376.16 laps
12Rick Chiovaro348.36 laps
13Dylan Molter313.23 laps
14Ronnie Jamerson289.00 laps DNF
15Steve JonesDNS

Race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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