MASCAR 2 - Kempsville Motor Speedway

December 13, 2003

The Kempsville 500 by W.E. "Yobear42" Jones

Friday evening was coming to a close and we sat with Jack Hynes getting our final pep talk before we embark on our journey. For at 5:00 am Eastern Standard Time three brave worriers and a sidekick would band together once again and travel the beaten path to the outer shores of Virginia Beach to engage in the ritual of ancient combat called Beach Jet Racing. Upon arriving at the facility we were greeted by the owner one of the Virginias’ hidden treasures, The Kempville Raceway! Shaun Molter of Team On Slot Racing has one of the best tracks I for one has ever had the joy of racing on. The track is a Tomy based over and under road course with an elevated straight section that makes for some very fast and interesting racing. The track is extremely well balanced and has stood the test of time. (13 years) Some the most formidable racers known the sport have come to participate in today’s edification. We have Molter and Smith (JC), Briggs (Mike) and Haines (Jeff), Zawacky (Jason) and Kennedy (James), Tom (Bowman) and Jerry and last but not least the motor mouth himself Yobear42 Jones.

First up the Beach Jet Class:

Beach Jet Class consists of a standard chassis with a stock gray-laminated arm and J&L motor magnets. Along with weighted independent front ends and weighted silicone over sponge rear tires. All bodies can be lowered and must have rear glass. The total package must weigh no less than 19 grams and not more than 23 grams. After a brisk practice, the track is shut down as twelve racers impound their creations for Tech.

It’s Time to Rock and Roll:

First up C-Main consisting Yobear42, Jeff H., John D. and a young man named Scott. And we are off, the cars were not the fastest in the bunch but they were moving and grooving. John D. and Yobear42 battled for the first two heats then Yobear42’s Ferrari 250 broke in and started to pull away from the pack.

Scene 2:

B-Main starring Mike B., John S., James K., and George. Mike Briggs was determined to continue his growth in the field of T-Jet engineering. All four drivers were very close together with Mike B., holding a slight lead. James K., and John S., were putting tire marks on each others door and every time some one tried to pass Mike B., he would find a way to bump them off the track.

Scene 3:

A-Main was great to watch, lets call it the Tom and Jerry show! I’ve seen some fast T-Jets, but the ones that were on the track last night were incredible! Those cars were flying. Tom, Jason, Jerry, and Shaun were putting the hammer down and were racing as clean as clean can get. Jerry’s car was blazing and Tom was right on his heels. The final results are as follows:

Beach Jets Final

		Laps/sec				Laps/sec				Laps/sec
Jerry		89/21		Mike B		79/39		George		74/9
Tom		88/43		John S		79/6		Jeff H.		70/60
Jason		86/63		James K.	78/66		John D. 	69/66
Shaun		83/4		Yobear42	78/50		Scott		62/68

Super Stock Class:

The Super Stock Class is made up of several chassis manufactures but the basic setup is the same ceramic motor and traction magnets any electrical no shunts stock or Hot stock armature and any rear gearing. Riding on the excitement of the T-Jet Race 11 more racers prepared to do battle. As the last of the racers placed their cars into Tech, several racers began to talk technics and timing.

Act 1:

The first heats were a battle of the future stars of M.A.S.C.A.R. and White Rock Racing. Jeff Haines who is an up and coming T-Jet racer has decided to challenge his skills and learn the art of magnet racing. Even though he had technical problems earlier with his car he worked hard and scored very well. Our youngest racers Zack and Tyler were two of the most competitive kids I’ve met in a while. They not only do they race the competition but they challenge each other. I attribute that attitude to their father who makes sure his sons are surrounded with wholesome and stimulating recreation.

Act 2:

Josh Bowman driving his famous “Peter Parker Special” along with Mike Briggs, Joe C. and Tom set the stage for what was to become one heck of a battle. Joe C took off with Mike Briggs in hot pursuit. Josh Bowman jammed up Tom and then set his sites on Mike Briggs. Just before Josh could make his move, Tom shot through the pack and jammed up everybody! This went on for several laps it was great.

Act 3:

What do you get when you cross three former National Champions with a T-Jet Champion? You get a high-speed run that featured some very spectacular side-by-side racing. Those guys put on a show. All the racing was close until Shaun Molter ran the green lane. His 77-lap run gave him the window of opportunity he was searching for, but Jason Z. was hot on his heels. The Final Results are as follows:

Super Stock Final

		Laps/sec				Laps/sec				Laps/sec
Shaun M.	292/25		Joe C.		264/40		Jeff H.		212/63		
Jason Z.	284/7		Tom		260/5		Tyler		201/32
James K.	281/48		Mike B		246/23		Zack		134/67
John S.		281/46		Josh B.		245/45

Congratulations to all who participated. The next M.A.S.C.A.R. race will be at Collective Chaos January 3, 2004. The M.A.S.C.A.R. Family would like to extend Holiday Greetings to all and the very best for a safe and Happy New Year!
Race Director and Grand Poobah

BeachJet entries

L-R:George's brp Ford GT, Yobear's Aurora Ferrari GTO, John Dean's brp Ford GT, and Jeff's Windmill L-R:George Morley, Wendell Jones, John Dean, and Jeff Haines L-R:Jerry's brp Crossfire GT, Mike's GOGO Lancer, Scott's brp Ford GT, and John's brp Crossfire L-R:Jerry Schmoyer, Mike Briggs, Scott Schmoyer and John Smith L-R:Jason's JL Mustang, Shawn's brp Ford GT, James' brp Audi R8, and Tom's brp Crossfire GT L-R:Tom Bowman, James Kennedy, Shawn Molter, and Jason Zawacky Jerry's 1st place Crossfire GT and Tom's 2nd place Crossfire GT Our intrepid race reporter, doing his background research!

L-R:Zack, Tom and Tyler L-R:Joe, Josh, Mike and Jeff L-R: John Smith, Jason Zawacky, Shawn Molter, and James Kennedy super Stock Winner, Shawn's Panther

BeachJet Race sheet

Super Stock Race sheet

Photos by W.E. Jones and T. Bowman

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