MASCAR 4: a photo report by Tom Bowman

11 of MASCAR's finest showed up at Bob Hall's Dammington Track, out in the Virginia wilderness to battle with BeachJets and Super Stock magnet cars. Dammington is a very tight "L" shaped track made with Tomy six inch turns with a couple straights thrown in for good measure. Bob was hobbling around on Crutches after just undergoing knee surgery, but was an excellent host providing all the usual racer amenities, including quite a big spread of racer food. Thanks Bob!

The BeachJets rolled off first, with a two minute round robin...James Kennedy was setting the pace with a 41.38, followed by Tom Bowman 40.21, Lewis Wuori 39.29, Jason Miller 39.26, Ron Brna 39.15, Aaron Aycox 38.51, Bob Hall 38.12, Steve Jones 37.35, John Smith 36.54, Shawn Molter 36.27, Joe Cassiba 36.2 ... a very tight field and anything could happen!

John was getting familiar with his car after neglecting it during practice to concentrate on Super Stock. He did put out a 59.35 for 5th overall in the 3 minute main. Shawn was struggling with an overgeared car and finished with 52.4, behind Joey's 52.26.

Triple A dominated the B, with his shocking pink Porsche...getting a 60.57 for fourth overall. Steve Jones, running his daughter's Barbie pink Datsun, did well, with his nose down car to get a 57.34 7th overall. Ron Brna battled with Bob Hall for the scraps, Ron finishing with a 56.12 and Bob 55.44.

The A main was looking like a tight one...after a couple segments it was a virtual tie between Lewis and Jason. James running on the gutters was back three and Tom had a guide pin fall off putting him out of it. James battled back on the power lanes, but in the end local hero, Jason Miller got the nod, with a 62.21 total over Lewis at 61.56 for second, James 61.12 for third and Tom a dismal 59.22 for 6th.

The Super Stock round robin results: Bob Hall 134.29, Steve Jones 134.25, James Kennedy 129.10, John Smith (not the legendary Virginian, Captain John Smith...he's dead!) 126.25, Joey Cassiba 120.19 for 5th, Shawn Molter 119.34, Jason Miller 118.51, Tom Bowman 118.28 for 8th, AAA 117.17, Ron Brna 106.6 and Lewis 105.43.

The C Main saw Ron getting more comfortable with his car and the track, recording a 159.54 for 8th overall. Lewis was longing for those long straights on the North Carolina tracks, well next month, he'll get his wish. AAA's lack of vision was hurting his efforts in Super Stock, these cars are too fast to drive by sense of smell alone!

The B turned out to be two battles going on simultaneously, as Joey and Shawn were both driving ThunderCats in the same speed range. Tom's SWB Storm was competing with BeachJet winner, and Team Slottech young star, Jason Miller. Shawn lead by 5 after two, but Joey put the hammer down on the power lanes and pulled in with 181.33 good for 2nd overall. Shawn was at 176.3 for 5th overall, then Tom with 163.53 for 7th, and Jason with 158.57 for 9th.

As the storm outside dumped more water in the swamp, Dammington saw 4 Wizzard Storm's in the A Main. Team drivers going against privateers for Top Dog of Dammington Raceway! Steve threw the gauntlet down on the first segment, busting out a 47 on blue, but in the second segment John Smith recorded a 48 on Blue and then James Kennedy put down a 47 on blue in the third segment. Meanwhile, Bob Hall did a 48 on white and then a 49 on blue in the last segment. That did the job, and he won by sections over Steve Jones on the heat...but remember Joey's run in the B Main? So when the dust settled, Bob won with 181.49, Joey 181.33 and Steve 181.12! MASCAR is ultra competitive! James and John finished on the gutters with 40 James a 176.59 total for 4th and John 173.13 for 6th overall.

Next round is at Vernon Dew's back in the Tar Heel state, on January 8th...classes are BeachJet and Modified. A special Super Stock money race will also be on the card. Check the MASCAR BBS for the latest on this BIG race: MASCAR BBS

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