A race report by Tom Bowman

Modified Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Joey Cassiba10.05 laps
2Steve Jones9.35 laps
3James Kennedy9.21 laps
4Dan Mueller9.17 laps
5Ronnie Jamerson9.16 laps
6Jeff Crabtree9.07+ laps
7Robby Whiteed9.07 laps
8Mark Smith9.05 laps
9Tom Bowman8.38 laps
10Mike Ose7.39 laps
11Dale White6.25 laps


Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Ronnie Jamerson273.40 laps
2Joey Cassiba267.07 laps
3Dan Mueller266.05 laps
4Tom Bowman261.21 laps
5Jeff Crabtree260.21 laps
6Mark Smith249.18 laps
7Robby Whiteed246.26 laps
8Dale White226.21 laps
9Mike Ose193.26 laps
10James Kennedy158.02 laps DNF
11Steve Jones53.05 laps DNF

Modified Mains - 5 minutes

1Joey Cassiba534.46 laps
2Tom Bowman528.16 laps
3Ronnie Jamerson520.03 laps
4Mark Smith518.24 laps
5Robby Whiteed516.39 laps
6Jeff Crabtree514.41 laps
7Dan Mueller514.05 laps
8Dale White438.42 laps
9Mike Ose391.23 laps
10James Kennedy371.00 laps DNF
11Steve Jones00.00 laps DNS

We raced our fastest class on our biggest track, Robby Whiteed's 6'x20' TKO six laner today. The track power supply was set at 20 volts, which was more than a lot of folks could handle, and the track call button got a severe workout! Despite some interest in shortening the race heats, because of the fragility of the cars and the heat they generated...we ended up running our usual 2.5 minuted round robin and the brutally long 5 minute mains. The casualties quickly started with Steve Jones suffering some pickup woes on the second heat of the round robin and retired for the day. James Kennedy also had car trouble in the round robin and dnf'd. Ronnie Jamerson took the round robin with 273 laps, Joey Cassiba in second with 267 laps and Dan Mueller third, a lap back. James also had problems in the B Main, and dropped out with gear trouble after going through several pinions in an effort to hang in there. Mark Smith and track owner, Robby Whiteed, battled all the way through 30 minutes of racing... Mark ending 2 laps up on Robby. Car trouble hit the A Main as well, with Ronnie having to swap arms after the third heat, which cost him 28 laps from the leaders. Dan had gear problems and we stopped a couple times to allow time to fix it. Tom Bowman was smacking the wall with enough force to push a rear wheel in on the chassis...didn't notice it that until just before the last heat. At that point North Carolina's Joey Cassiba had the lead by 21 laps over Tom, Jeff Crabtree back six, and Ronnie with Dan back another two. Ronnie's car was reinvigorated with the motor swap and he was gaining laps back. Tom had fixed his problem and both he and Ronnie ran 97 laps on that last segment. That put Joey in the winner's circle with the same Slottech ThunderCat that died on him at this race a year ago. Tom ran his Wizzard Storm to finish 6 laps back, Ronnie came back to get third, just 8 laps back of Tom. Mark Smith came up to take 4th from the B Main, back 2 laps...Robby trailed by another 2 for 5th place. Jeff and Dan were back another 2 laps.

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