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A race report by Tom Bowman, with additional photos by Tom Hobgood

Tom Hobgood's Blog report on his first race with videos

MT/XT Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1James Kennedy82.8 laps
2Tom Bowman75.6 laps
3Shawn Molter74.18 laps
4Ray Etheridge65.27 laps
5Jeff Crabtree65.24 laps
6Rick Phillis65.4 laps
7Lewis Wuori64.53+ laps
8Vernon Dew64.53 laps
9John Smith63.9 laps
10Cliff Henke58.21 laps
11Tom Hobgood53.24 laps
12Nelson Torrey53.16 laps

BeachJet Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1James Kennedy72.14 laps
2Rick Phillis71.24laps
3Lewis Wuori69.56 laps
4Ray Etheridge69.55 laps
5Tom Bowman69.7 laps
6Vernon Dew66.53 laps
7Jeff Crabtree66.24 laps
8Shawn Molter66.13 laps
9John Smith61.26 laps
10Cliff Henke60.34 laps
11Tom Hobgood54.50 laps
12Nelson Torrey54.38 laps

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BeachJet Mains - 3.5 minutes

1Rick Phillia101.49 laps
2James Kennedy101.25 laps
3Lewis Wuori101.03 laps
4Ray Etheridge98.29 laps
5Tom Bowman96.34 laps
6Jeff Crabtree95.17 laps
7Shawn Molter89.9 laps
8Cliff Henke88.15 laps
9Veron Dew86.16 laps
10John Smith85.33 laps
11Nelson Torrey82.41 laps
12Tom Hobgood79.33 laps

Race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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