MASCAR 1 - White Rock Raceway

September 22, 2003

The M.A.S.C.A.R / CRL  500
At The White Rock Raceway in Sykesville MD
By Wendell "Yobear" Jones

On a Sunny day with light clouds at 65 degrees on
this 22nd day in November racers converged to
hone in their skills of H.O. Slotcar Racing.  The
ground was still soaked from the downpour that
surprised the area earlier this week.  Yet the
infield parking lot was filled to overflow
capacity.  The M.A.S.C.A.R. Racing League of
Virginia Beach VA has converged onto the White
Rock Raceway to open their winter racing season. 
The opener brought out teams from all over the
eastern seaboard.  The Classic Car Club of
Westminster Md, The C.R.L. of Washington DC,
Brute Force Racing of North Carolina, Team
On-slot Racing of Virginia, B.R.P. Racing of
Virginia, Team Wizzard of Pennsylvania and the
local White Rock Racers.  

Before the main event, M.A.S.C.A.R. held their double header. First was the Team On-slot 350 Super Stock race that was run on the White Rock Viper. White Rock Raceway?s house racer Bo Day held off a furious challenge from Team Wizzard, Brute Force, Team On-slot and CRL respectively to take first podium with a Slottech Panther. Here are the shoot out and main results.Remember bo and james had a bye Shoot out craig w. 192 steve j. 187 don s. 181 john s.. 168 Main bo 310 steve 304 james 298/72 craig 298/71 MASCAR Super Stock First - Bo Day Second - Steve Jones Third - James Kennedy Fourth - Craig Washington 5 - Don Soltow 6 - John Smith 7 - Joe Hopkins 8 - Vernon Dew 9 - Mike Briggs 10 - Randy Ramatt 11 - Hiram Durrant 12 - Dave 13 - D. White 14 - Donnie U. 15. - Doug B. 16 - Jeff Haines 17 - Shawn Molter 18 - Tom Bowman 19 - Mark Tutton 20 - Brian Griffith 21 - Andy Parr 22 - Mark Rothage 23 - Reggie Simms The Second Race was the Bowman Racing Products Vintage 250 that was held on the Bucktrax Scorpion. This T-Jet Race was run using the Beach-Jet class rules. It featured racers from B.R.P., C.R.L., Classic Car Club and a host of local racers. Big Mike Briggs of the Westminster Classic Car Club put on a classic driving show to edge out fellow teammate Hiram Durant. The racing was so close and competitive that the 2nd through 6th positions finished with the same lap totals and was decided by sections. And if you thought that was incredible racing action, it was just about to get even better. BeachJets 1 - Mike Briggs 2 - Hiram Durant 3 - Randy Ramat 4 - Scott Keck 5 - Jeff Haines 6 - Wendell Jones 7 - Gregg Briggs 8 - Brian Griffith 9 - John Smith 10 - Donnie Unterseher 11 - Tom Bowman The next race was the C.R.L. Hardbody NASCAR Race number 3 on the Tri-Oval! Twenty-three racers lined up for tech. All the manufactures were represented. After a very tight Tech session, which included a surprise traction magnet gauss, check it was time to qualify. Natee Martin was the first break the 1.500 barrier with his Dodge Intrepid, followed by Yobear 42 with his Chevy Monte Carlo. But it was James Kennedy who would eventually win the pole. The Tri- Oval is one of the fastest tracks on the East Coast. An incredibly smooth surface with a 30-degree high bank on one end. She is not very forgiving with speeds upward to 50 plus mph. For many the day would bring heartache but for those who can negotiate between the carnage and the track marshals it can be a cherished victory. Racers, got ready to rumble! The D-Main was first on and they set the pace right off the bat. Scott Keck and Markie Mark started trading paint early and often. In the C-Main Hiram Durant and Craig Washington were throwing elbows at each other. In the B-Main Scott West was keeping his nose clean and clear. In the A-Main Natee Martin and Randy Ramat were playing chase the chicken with Reggie Simms while James Kennedy and Yobear42 were re-enacting a scene from Speed Racer with Kennedy driving the dreaded G.R.X. and Yobear determined not to let him get away. The speeds were outrageous! At one point Yobear42 hit a 1.458 lap riding the bumper of James Kennedy?s G.R.X. But on true oval fashion, the speeds and crashes started taking it toll on the cars. Natee Martin and Yobear 42s? mounting systems sustained damaged. Tom Bowman looked like Jack Roush of Roush Racing. As the carnage mounted the field started to thin out, as the pits stalls became operating rooms. A number of racers were disqualified for finishing the race with incomplete bodies. Still, racing went on and when it was finally said and done the final results are as follows: James Kennedy Chevy P3SC Reggie Simms Pontiac G3 Tom Adams Ford P3SC Randy Ramat Chevy G3 Scott West Chevy G3 Vernon Dew Chevy G3 Congratulations to all especially to Scott West of Go West Racing last seasons ?Rookie of the Year?. We like to thank all the racers who participated. The Capital Racing League extends a heartfelt thank you to Jack Hynes and his operations crew for their hospitality and dedication to the sport. The C.R.L. would also like to thank the members of M.A.S.C.A.R. for allowing us to be a partner in this venture. We the members of C.R.L. look forward to more joint activities with the Southern Hardbody Racing Commission.

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