A race report by Tom Bowman

What an incredible battle took place in the hinterlands of central Virginia, as MASCAR visited David Payne's Countryside Raceway in Powhatan. We had an excellent field, as Barry Janzen joined us again from Chattanooga, TN and from the northern reaches of the District of Columbia, Yobear Jones showed up. Local racers David Payne and John Peddy, gamely tried the fast SS cars for the first time. The battling in both the C4 race and our normal ceramic magnet super stock class was intense in all the heats, but as usual it all came to head in the A Main. We had an all star field, with National Champs James Kennedy, Shawn Molter, Steve Jones, were joined by the hungry kid, Ray Etheridge. Ray has been concentrating on T-Jets lately, but showed in the round robin, he knew how to drive a super stock fast. After three heats, it looked like Steve had the race in his pocket with a 3 lap lead over Ray. James and Shawn had slipped back but were battling each other, with James up by 4 laps. Steve and Ray had the power lanes, so it looked like a fair fight. The tension built as the last 5 minutes ticked off, and Ray caught and passed Steve. Steve had the old G issue of popping the axle, happen a couple times and his seemingly certain victory slipped away.

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C4 Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Shawn Molter268.15 laps
2Steve Jones253.00 laps
3Jeff Crabtree238.06 laps
4Wendell Jones230.40laps
5James Kennedy229.38 laps
6Tom Bowman223.00 laps
7John Peddy214.13 laps
8Barry Janzen211.13 laps
9Bob Langer205.15 laps
10Ray Etheridge204.13 laps
11Rick Chiovaro194.00 laps
12David Payne191.15 laps
13Mike Ose188.14 laps

Super Stock Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Steve Jones270.42 laps
2Ray Etheridge257.38 laps
3James Kennedy247.34 laps
4Shawn Molter241.37 laps
5Jeff Crabtree241.14 laps
6Wendell Jones240.42 laps
7Rick Chiovaro233.18 laps
8Barry Janzen232.06 laps
9John Peddy210.40 laps
10Mike Ose207.31 laps
11Tom Bowman205.06 laps
12David Payne202.03 laps
13Bob Langer199.36 laps

The Bat-Jet Podium, thanks Tom!

The One Stop Slot Shop Podium, thanks Jerry!

The On-Slot Podium, thanks Shawn!

and Special Thanks to Robby Whiteed, for making the podium, with his routing mastery!

Gears were a problem for Rick and David...

Super Stock Mains - 5 minutes

1Ray Etheridge531.15 laps
2Steve Jones521.25 laps
3Jeff Crabtree509.05 laps
4James Kennedy486.32laps
5Shawn Molter468.32 laps
6Barry Janzen454.20 laps
7Wendell Jones451.10 laps
8John Peddy448.14 laps
9Tom Bowman436.41 laps
10Bob Langer420.25 laps
11David Payne412.06 laps
12Mike Ose410.30 laps
13Rick Chiovaro357.15 laps

Robby's Lightfoot Raceway pix and details

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