A race report by Tom Bowman

First round to determine order in the Round Robin

BeachJet/Southern Muscle Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Lewis Wuori2.49 laps
2Bubba Milholen2.32 laps
3Don Pope2.29 laps
4Gary Butner2.26 laps
5Kevin Browning2.22 laps
6Ron Brna2.19 laps
7Jeff Crabtree2.17 laps
8James Kennedy2.10+ laps
9Tom Bowman2.10 laps
10Mark Smith2.05 laps
11Dwayne Hoyle1.54 laps
12Andy Lancaster1.48 laps
13Skylar Spake1.29 laps

Second round to determine order in the Mains

BeachJet/Southern Muscle Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Lewis Wuori70.18 laps
2James Kennedy70.11 laps
3Kevin Browning70.00 laps
4Bubba Milholen68.56 laps
5Tom Bowman67.55 laps
6Jeff Crabtree67.17 laps
7Gary Butner67.11 laps
8Mark Smith66.50 laps
9Don Pope64.57 laps
10Andy Lancaster62.49 laps
11Ron Brna62.13 laps
12Skylar Spake61.16 laps
13Dwayne Hoyle59.16 laps

BeachJet/Southern Muscle Overall Results - 3.5 minute Mains

1Kevin Browning98.08 laps
2Lewis Wuori97.28 laps
3James Kennedy97.16 laps
4Tom Bowman97.04 laps
5Gary Butner96.26 laps
6Bubba Milholen95.56 laps
7Jeff Crabtree94.43 laps
8Mark Smith93.57 laps
9Don Pope93.19 laps
10Ron Brna89.10 laps
11Andy Lancaster88.23 laps
12Dwayne Hoyle86.46 laps
13Skylar Spake85.21 laps

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Southern Sportsman - 5 Min Round Robin

1Kevin Browning432 net laps2 offs430 laps
2Andy Lancaster417 net laps1 off416 laps
3Mark Smith414 net laps1 off413 laps
4Bubba Milholen407 net laps8 offs399 laps
5Dwayne Hoyle406 net laps11 offs395 laps
6Skylar Spake402 net laps8 offs394 laps
7Lewis Wuori380 net laps0 offs380 laps
8Gary Butner382 net laps10 offs372 laps
9Tom Bowman321 net laps11 offs310 laps

BeachJet/Southern Sportsman Race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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