A race report by Hugh Mongus

BeachJet Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Tim Keevin4.19 laps
2Tom Bowman4.16 laps
3Dan Mueller4.12 laps
4Mark Smith4.11 laps
5Ronnie Jamerson4.08 laps
6Bubba Milholen4.06 laps
7James Kennedy4.03 laps
8Jeff Crabtree3.25 laps
9Dale White3.12 laps

BeachJet Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1James Kennedy88.18 laps
2Bubba Milholen85.13 laps
3Jeff Crabtree85.11 laps
4Tom Bowman84.12 laps
5Tim Keevin84.05 laps
6Mark Smith83.26 laps
7Dan Mueller83.04 laps
8Ronnie Jamerson76.20 laps
9Dale White63.12 laps

Sometimes this area is blessed with perfect weather, and today was one of those days...which led to a bunch of folks deciding they would rather be somewhere else, than racing slot cars inside. The racers who showed up were the committed lot, as racing is their life. I'm one of them, for sure! There was a very competitive bunch, with very close T-Jet pack racing, the order of the day. The B Main started of close with Tim Keevin, Mark Smith and Dan Mueller tied at the half way point. Then Mark and Tim pulled ahead, as Dan was on the gutters. Ronnie Jamerson was having car problems, Dale White was having a consistent drive. In the last heat, Tim uncorked his best run on the Yellow gutter to pull out a lap advantage on Mark, and Dan three back from Mark. Dale was four laps up on Ronnie, who soldiered on as his car was fast on the main straight, but dismally slow in the infield. Jeff Crabtree in retrospect won the A Main on the first segment, with a 31 on yellow...matching Tim's run in the B. James Kennedy and Tom Bowman shared the leading lap total on segment 2 and 3, with Jeff a lap back and Bubba 2 back from him. The final segment saw the leaders on the gutters, and the trailers on the power lanes. So the drama commenced, and Tom immediately had handling problems with multiple crashes over several laps leading to a track call. The guide pin had come loose, as the cheap driver was using Dollar Tree super glue! Bubba really finished strong with a 31 on white, Jeff getting 30 on blue...James struggling with a 29 on yellow and Tom only a 28 on red. So one lap separated the top four after 14 minutes of racing!

BeachJet Mains - 3.5 minutes

1Jeff Crabtree120.20 laps
2James Kennedy120.02 laps
3Bubba Milholen119.16 laps
4Tom Bowman119.04 laps
5Tim Keevin118.12 laps
6Mark Smith117.15 laps
7Dan Mueller114.00 laps
8Dale White94.17 laps
9Ronnie Jamerson90.09 laps

Winners tech sheet, requires Adobe Acrobat!

BeachJet race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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