MASCAR 2: a photo report by Tom Bowman and Ron Brna

Ron Brna's super smooth and super fast Tomy layout was the venue for the second event in the MASCAR series. BeachJets and Modifieds were the classes. Modifieds have a 3 ohm motor restriction, polymer tractions and ceramic motor magnets. Horsepower was going to be a prime factor on doing well on this track! A good crowd of NC racers were waiting for the small Virginia contingent. This series has evolved this year into a two state series, with no one north of the MASON-DIXON line making an appearance so far!

As usual the most popular class is BeachJet, here the cars are getting ready for tech. A new rule change at this event, is the allowing of open rear windows.

Don Pope leans in as Tom Bowman and Shawn Molter tech the cars.

C Main, had James Kennedy's Greg Davis Mercedes CLK-GTR, Donny Pope's Mike Engledge's Hot Rod Honda and Shawn Molter's Bat-Jet Datsun 260Z.

(L-R)Don Pope, James Kennedy and Shawn Molter, the BeachJet C Main.

Joey Cassiba's Bat-Jet Dodge Daytona, Tony's GOGO Caddy Cien, Tom Bowman's Bat-Jet Modified, and Bob Hall's Greg Davis's Ferrari 550 in the B Main

(L-R)Joey Cassiba, Tony Griffin, Tom Bowman and Bob Hall, the BeachJet B Main.

Lewis Wouri's GOGO Mercedes, Vernon Dew's Greg Davis Ferrari 550, Milt Surratt's Fandango BMW M3 and Ron Brna's Fandango Nissan 350Z in the A Main

(L-R) Lewis Wouri, Vernon Dew, Milt Surratt, and Track owner Ron the A Main.

The BeachJet winner, Vern's Greg Davis Ferrari 550 Maranello. Vernon ran a total of 74 laps 27 sections...15 sections behind was Lewis, Ron was third, at 73 laps 30 sections. Then the rest of the order: Milt 71.34, Shawn 71.14, Bob 70.30, Tony 70.5, James 69.27, Tom 69.18, Joey 68.5, Don 67.18

The winning car was shod with Wizzard FR54 fronts, JW .348 silicone sponge rears, and used a 14 tooth driven pinion...this car is FAST!

The BeachJet podium, sponsored by Fandango Racing Products!

Bob Hall was looking very confident.

Ballistically quick, the Modifieds started practice. Seems record times from Bob's Scorpion, has alot to do with his confidence!

There was 5 cars in the B Main...

(L-R)Ron Brna, Joey Cassiba, Tom Bowman, Lewis Wouri and Bob Hall...Modified B Main

The sure hands of Bob (RAWAfx) Weichbrodt, marshalling the end, while Lewis and Bob make sure he's busy!

The A Main protagonists...

(L-R)Shawn Molter, Vern Dew, Milt Surratt, and James Kennedy...Modified A Main

Vernon's off the hook BSRT G3 Mod, Top Dog on the day! Vernon ran 207.12, James second at 201.10, Shawn third with 197.16...then Ron 193.31, Joey 190.24, Milt 187.6, Bob 176.27, Lewis 173.19, Tom 168.12

BSRT all the way for this car!

James got second, with a cool "Junior" paint scheme...

Wizzard Storm, with the new red boots matching the paint!

Shawn's Pussycat, otherwise known as the Slottech ThunderCat. Winner at the first round, 3rd place today.

Slottech parts in use here.

Race host, Ron Brna, giving out gift certificates from Scale Auto to Vernon and James.

Shawn got his too!

Vernon, was one happy racer...

Winning the BeachJet and Modified classes at the Crash-N-Brna Raceway.

Tom "H.O. RACER" Bowman's 1:1 Miata...see everyone at Slot Chaos!

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