A race report by Tom Bowman

Super Stock Qualifying - 30 seconds

1Ronnie Jamerson10.16 laps
2Steve Jones10.15 laps
3Mark Smith10.12 laps
4Jeff Crabtree10.09 laps
5Dan Mueller9.16 laps
6Tom Bowman9.12 laps
7Mike Ose8.25 laps
8James Kennedy8.17 laps
9Dale White7.27 laps
10Joey Cassiba6.20 laps

Super Stock

Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1Steve Jones281.19 laps
2Jeff Crabtree276.11 laps
3Ronnie Jamerson269.25 laps
4James Kennedy263.25 laps
5Tom Bowman263.17 laps
6Mark Smith263.01 laps
7Dan Mueller247.09 laps
8Joey Cassiba232.11 laps
9Jerry Holley214.24 laps
10Dale White206.14 laps
11Mike Ose206.06 laps

Super Stock Mains - 5 minutes

1Steve Jones565.16 laps
2Jeff Crabtree552.12 laps
3Ronnie Jamerson540.12 laps
4Mark Smith531.03 laps
5James Kennedy530.12 laps
6Dan Mueller527.16 laps
7Tom Bowman516.16 laps
8Joey Cassiba472.28 laps
9Jerry Holley429.20 laps
10Dale White428.24 laps
11Mike Ose414.22 laps

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