A race report by Mark Smith, Pix by Tim Keevin

As you saw the turnout was low but the racing was good, Jeff started out to be the guy to beat but as the track changed his car did not. Ray had a fast rocket as usual but his finger got in his way. Ronnie seemed to be able to keep up with the track the best, as he came away with his first win in many years. My car was good in the early run but I missed the setup by a little bit also in the main. I must say we were all impressed with Tim's run, as he had not raced super stocks often and had a great race with his new ready to run storm, Ivan and Marshall had some good close racing also. Dale did the best he could but had body problems that kept him off the track and in the pits. Way too much fun, All in all! ...Mark

Super Stock Overall Results - 5 minute Mains

1- Ronnie Jamerson 359.06

2- Ray Etheridge 355.06

3- Mark Smith 350.05

4- Jeff Crabtree 338.07

5- Tim Keevin 333.13

6- Ivan Etheridge 309.13

7- Marshall Tucker 298.03

8- Dale White 236.30

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