A race report by Tom Bowman

First round to determine order in the Round Robin

Qualifying - 30 sec run

1- Jeff Crabtree 4.22 laps

2- Tim Keevin 4.16

3- Robbie Whiteed 4.10

4- Lewis Wuori 4.09

5- William Milholen 4.03

6- Ronnie Jamerson 3.30

7- Dan Mueller 3.29

8- Mark Smith 3.26+

9- Tom Bowman 3.26

10- Dave Mueller 3.15

11- Jerry Holley 3.10

Next race determines the mains placement.

Round Robin - 2.5 minutes

1- Tom Bowman 88.22 laps

2- Jeff Crabtree 86.22

3- Lewis Wuori 83.31

4- Tim Keevin 83.00

5- William Milholen 82.10

6- Mark Smith 78.06

7- Dan Mueller 77.09

8- Ronnie Jamerson 75.07

9- Robbie Whiteed 73.12

10- Dave Mueller 72.22

11- Jerry Holley 65.04

Today's racing at Tim Keevin's Gloucester Point Speedway in Gloucester Point, VA, was truly "Fast & Furious" with three mains of very high quality T-Jets, any one of which was capable (in the right hands) of winning the race. The C Main, started off with Robbie Whitehead's brand new KC-Jet battling Dave Mueller and Jerry Holly. It was Robbie's first HO race and his many laps of practice paid off with a 7th overall finish. The B Main saw Lewis Wuori taking Bubba Milholen's spot, inorder to get home to his lovely wife quicker...which he did admirally, easily taking the B Main over Mark Smith, Dan Mueller, and Ronnie Jamerson. Lewis got third overall in our combined scoring system, and Dan lost out to son Dave's C Main run by 3 sections! The A Main, quickly turned into the Tom and Jeff show..with Tom Bowman pulling out a lap lead on the first segment, and matching Jeff on the next two runs, and then applying the "coup-de-grace" in the last segment finishing three laps ahead after 14 minutes of racing.

BeachJet Overall Results - 3.5 minute Mains

1- Tom Bowman 124.17

2- Jeff Crabtree 121.29

3- Lewis Wuori 119.11

4- Tim Keevin 113.07

5- William Milholen 111.14

6- Mark Smith 109.26

7- Robbie Whiteed 109.11

8- Dave Mueller 107.10

9- Dan Mueller 107.07

10- Ronnie Jamerson 105.05

11- Jerry Holley 86.21

Winning car spec sheet, requires Adobe Acrobat!

Tom Bowman's winning Bat-Jet Nissan 300ZX with brp front weights on Wizzard wheels/Hurley tires , Wizzard Brownie rear tires, and BSRT 504 shoes.

Jeff Crabtree's 2nd place Zoomin Dodge Challenger with Zoomin' composite fronts

Lewis Wuori finished in third place, but departed before pictures were taken...

Tim Keevin's 4th place Zoomin Dodge Challenger with RT composite fronts, Wizzard ATF rear tires, and BSRT 504 shoes.

BeachJet Race stat sheets, requires Adobe Acrobat!

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